Where can I buy a Sövnig?

Please look at our “Where To Buy” menu. We will update this menu with new retailers on an ongoing basis. If you have a special inquiry, please use our contact form to get in touch. You can also buy at our online shop right here.

How do I get it unrolled?

Your new Sövnig mattress comes vacuum packed and rolled in a box. This makes it very for you to pick up the mattress from your favourite retailer. It also means you need to unroll the mattress, but don’t worry - it’s dead easy. In the mattress box you will find a special cutter to open the sealed bag without damaging your new Sövnig. Unpack the Mattress and follow the included instructions.

Can I use it straight out of the box?

You can. But we strongly recommend you wait 48 hours from unpacking the mattress. In those 48 hours, the mattress will retain its original shape and form.

Can I wash the covers?

Yes! both covers can be washed. But please follow the care instructions found on the inside of the covers as the covers have separate care instructions!

Should I flip it?

Yes you should! To keep you new mattress in great shape we recommend that you rotate your mattress(es) once a month. Remember, You shouldn’t flip your mattress upside down. Rotate it clockwise.

Are they tested?

Yes all our mattresses go through a durability test that simulates 30000 sleep cycles. The test results for each mattress can be downloaded here:





How does the 100 nights trial work?

The 100 nights starts from the day you receive your new Sövnig(s). You then have 100 nights to test and try your Sövnig. If you within these 100 nights don’t feel 100% satisfied with your Sövnig please contact us through here so we can arrange your refund.

What happens to trial mattresses that are returned?

All returned trial mattresses are donated. Thats why we have strict demands to the mattresses we get back in a trial. They need to be in good shape, clean and without any damage. So we can bring joy to other not so fortunate people. Everybody deserves a good place to sleep.

Any other questions?

Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions and didn’t find the answers here. To contact us use out contact form under “CONTACT”.