King of mattresses.

If you want the very best we can provide in innovation and comfort, look no further. Our deluxe mattress combines technologies from all our mattresses into one “super” mattress. The multi zone nano pocket springs are sandwiched between a top of memory foam and a bottom of comfort foam. Making the core of this mattress incredibly adaptable. This sandwich rests on top of a multi zone foam support base that further support the sandwich core. Our soft top cover provides you with a cool nights sleep, very easy to unzip and wash.

The M FOUR has been tested extensively to live up to the strict European standards. All our mattresses go through an intensive test programme that includes a simulation of 30000 sleep cycles. Washing tests and durability tests are performed to insure that no surprises waits you. You can download a test specification sheet for each of our mattresses under FAQ.

Mattress Size: 90 x 200 x 21.5 cm - Mattress Firmness: Medium/Firm

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Hybrid Core

The special hybrid core found in the M FOUR is made from a bottom layer of comfort foam, a middle layer of multi zone nano pocket springs and a top layer of memory foam. Making it our most advanced core. The multi zone core provides unparalleled support and help distribute the weight of you body evenly.


Multi Zone Base

The M FOUR’s hybrid core rests on a special engineered multizone base. That supports the multi zone core. The pressure created from the core is handled by the special foam base, making sure the support function is all the way to the base of the mattress.