Sövnig - M TWO

Sövnig - M TWO



Our take on the classic spring mattress.

A combination of high quality Bonnell springs and a comfort foam top, is the recipe to our spring mattress. The Bonnell spring core provides you with optimised support and the top foam layer makes sure the mattress have a soft and comfortable feel. Our soft top cover provides you with a cool nights sleep, very easy to unzip and wash.

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  • The M TWO has been tested extensively to live up to the strict European standards. All our mattresses go through an intensive test programme that includes a simulation of 30000 sleep cycles. Washing tests and durability tests are performed to insure that no surprises waits you.

  • Comfort Top

    Our special cooling top layer helps you keep cool during the night. It has a very soft touch and a 3d structured surface with ventilation holes and an embossed Sövnig logo. Underneath the top cover is a T25 comfort foam layer that ensures you a relaxed night.

  • Bonnell Core

    The spring mattress comes with a interjoined Bonnell spring core. These springs are specially made to distribute the weight of your body during the night. The springs are sandwiched between 2 layers of fabric to protect the layers on top and below the springs.

  • Covers can be zipped off and washed. Care instructions are found inside the covers.

  • You need a bed base to support you Sövnig Mattress! (We suggest a base from LLLP.dk)